Dagens Hestbild

Shows a new picture every day from http://hest.se (chooses among the highest rated pictures)


Från t3vall, 2011-02-25 17:56:41 on Dagens Hestbild

It work very well, but i try to do the same and have a lot of mistakes.

So i'll try to work harder.. thanks for responding

Från t3vall, 2011-02-24 16:04:16 on Dagens Hestbild

i have downloaded your app because i try to make an android app but i m newbee and it's a bit hard... could u share u're code with me to understand how you have make it... i know that's it's a strange request and will understand our disagree.

Svar: As it doesn't really work as it should, I recommend you to look somewhere else for source code.
There are lot's of tutorials on teh internetz!