IDE64 drivers

My quest for creating usable IDE64 drivers for GEOS, that also emulates a 8128K REU on a swap file.

REU over USB is working, but not that interesting besides from the nice debugging output ;)

IDEDOS 0.91+ only

2010-06-19 11:41:24

Read ($DEF4) and write ($DEF1) support on modifiable files IDEDOS 0.90 only allowed character I/O on modifiable files, but this limitation was fixed now. This opens up posibilities to create high performance database softwares, read/write image file support (D64) or IFFL system with fast read/write support.

Configure for IDE64

2010-06-19 11:41:24

D64 and floppies at the same time, almost working, but things go bad real quick...

Geolink booted from IDE64

2010-06-19 11:41:19

Finally something worth to show, geolink is as usable from ide64 as from anything else.

Semi success

2010-06-19 11:41:14

Removed "CLI" from _MainLoop and the thing seems to work.

.d64 on IDE64

2010-06-19 11:41:02

Booting GEOS from a .d64 on IDE64 sure would be nice.