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This is a really inetlligent way to answer the question.

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I have just recently been ganthrieg together the information about my husband's family for his children and grandchildren. We were given a very old copy of a geneology of his mother's Cook ancestry, done by a Ralph Cooke of Chicago in 1934, tracing back the ancestry of Quartus Cooke.her great grandfather. It is a most interesting document, so full of information and history. It has been a labor of love reproducing it, and finding out so many new and related facts from computer sites. I was looking up some of the family crests that I was aware of, and then thought to try Major Aaron Cooke and discovered your absolutely wonderful site, which I had never happened to access.Only today when getting ready to pass on a copy of the geneology, Bill's nephew, a man of 60, was laughing and saying he was so sorry there was no family connection to Captain James Cooke. I commiserated with him and then came across this incredible page of diary/lettter on your site. I was so sorry that I was not able to access the rest of it for some reason. It would have been wonderful reading. I had to stop and tell you how much I treasured finding your site. thank you and I'm going back to read some more. Doris Chriswell